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EditExtractOptionsContext Class

Provides data for the Data Source Wizard pages related to the ExtractDataSource type.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWin

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.1.Win.dll


public sealed class EditExtractOptionsContext
Public NotInheritable Class EditExtractOptionsContext


This example demonstrates how to customize the Data Source Wizard pages and invoke a customized Wizard in the DashboardViewer.

The static EditExtractOptions(DashboardExtractDataSource, EditExtractOptionsContext) method invokes the Data Source Wizard. To customize the Edit extract page, the application uses the approach described in the How to Customize Views and Presenters Corresponding to Wizard Pages document.

EditExtractOptionsContext optionsContext = new EditExtractOptionsContext(this.GetActiveLookAndFeel(), this, dashboardViewer1.Dashboard.DataSources);
optionsContext.WizardCustomization = new CustomExtractDataSourceWizardCustomizationService();
ExtractDataSourceUIHelper.EditExtractOptions(new DashboardExtractDataSource() { FileName = "test.dat" }, optionsContext);   

It implements the IExtractDataSourceWizardCustomization interface in a CustomExtractDataSourceWizardCustomizationService class to register a customized page view:

public class CustomExtractDataSourceWizardCustomizationService : IExtractDataSourceWizardCustomization
    public void CustomizeDataSourceWizard(IWizardCustomization<ExtractDataSourceModel> customization)
        customization.RegisterPageView<ICreateExtractDataSourcePageView, CustomConfigureExtractDataSourcePageView>();

A customized page view is the CustomConfigureExtractDataSourcePageView class that inherits the CreateExtractDataSourcePageView type:

public class CustomConfigureExtractDataSourcePageView : CreateExtractDataSourcePageView
    public CustomConfigureExtractDataSourcePageView() : base()
        this.checkEditExistingDataSource.Enabled = false;


    protected override void OnCheckEditExistingDataSourceCheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        base.OnCheckEditExistingDataSourceCheckedChanged(sender, e);
        TextEditFileName.Enabled = false;

The complete sample project How to Customize the Data Source Wizard and Invoke It in the DashboardViewer is available in the DevExpress Examples repository.


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