DashboardDesigner.DataSourceWizard Property

Allows you to customize the Data Source wizard used to create new data sources in the DashboardDesigner.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWin

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.2.Win.dll


public DashboardDesignerDataSourceWizardSettings DataSourceWizard { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property DataSourceWizard As DashboardDesignerDataSourceWizardSettings

Property Value

Type Description

A DashboardDesignerDataSourceWizardSettings object that provides access to the Data Source wizard settings.


The following code snippet displays all available data source types on the Data Source wizard page.

dashboardDesigner1.DataSourceWizard.AvailableDataSourceTypes = DevExpress.DashboardWin.DashboardDesignerDataSourceType.All;

Data Source Wizard Start Page


The Data Federation type is available if the dashboard has at least one data source.

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