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Dashboard Title

The Dashboard Title is located at the top of the dashboard surface. It can contain text, images and command buttons.


If you are using the Ribbon menu in the Dashboard Designer, you can change title settings by clicking the Title button.


This invokes the Dashboard Title dialog, which allows you to change the text and image within the dashboard title.


This dialog allows you to specify the following options.

  • Visible - Specifies whether the dashboard title is visible. In code, use the DashboardTitle.Visible property.
  • Show Master Filter state - Specifies whether to show the state of master filter items in the dashboard title. To enable this capability in code, use the DashboardTitle.ShowMasterFilterState property.

    When an end-user hovers over the filter icon (DashboardTitle_MasterFilterIcon), all master filters applied to the dashboard are displayed in the invoked popup.


  • Alignment - Specifies the alignment of the dashboard title. In code, use the DashboardTitle.Alignment property.
  • Load button - Allows you to specify the image displayed within the dashboard title. In this case, the dashboard definition will contain the URL to access the image. In code, use the DashboardTitle.ImageUrl property.

    Import button - Allows you to specify the image displayed within the dashboard title. In this case, the dashboard definition will contain an image as a byte array. In code, use the DashboardTitle.ImageData property.

The dashboard title can contain command buttons.

  • Export To button - allows end-users to print/export the dashboard. To learn more about printing and exporting, see the Printing and Exporting topic.
  • Parameters button - allows end-users to modify dashboard parameter values. To learn more about parameters, see the Using Dashboard Parameters topic.
  • Custom buttons - you can create command buttons and drop-down menus by handling the CustomizeDashboardTitle event for the Designer/Viewer. However, these buttons are created at runtime, do not persist and cannot be saved in XML dashboard definition files.

Dashboard Title Customization

To access title settings in code, use the Dashboard.Title property. To customize the dashboard title at runtime by changing the displayed text, remove existing buttons and add custom buttons or command bar items including drop-down menus, handle the DashboardViewer.CustomizeDashboardTitle or DashboardDesigner.CustomizeDashboardTitle event.


Custom buttons and bar items created in code within the event handlers are not saved when saving the dashboard.


The complete sample project WinForms Dashboard - How to customize the dashboard title and dashboard item captions is available in the DevExpress Examples repository.