Custom Items on GitHub

Visit the dashboard-extensions repository on GitHub to find the following custom dashboard items:

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  • Simple Table

    A custom Simple Table item renders data from the measure/dimensions as an HTML table.

  • Funnel D3

    A custom FunnelD3 item renders a funnel chart using the D3Funnel JS library.

  • Online Map

    The Online Map extension allows you to place callouts on Google or Bing maps using geographical coordinates.

  • Web Page

    A custom Web Page item displays a single web page or a set of pages. You can use the Web Page as a detail item along with the Master-Filtering feature.

  • Parameter Item

    A custom Parameter item renders dashboard parameter dialog content inside the dashboard layout and allows you to edit and submit parameter values.

  • Polar Chart Item

    A custom Polar Chart item renders a polar chart using the dxPolarChart DevExtreme widget.