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Bind Dashboard Items to Data in the Web Dashboard's UI

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This topic explains how to bind the newly created dashboard item to data source fields to visualize data. To learn about common concepts, see the following help topic: Binding to Data.

Create Binding

Invoke the Binding menu. The image below displays a Grid dashboard item that is bound to an SQL Data Source | Sales Person query:

web dashboard - Bindings menu

Click a placeholder and select the data source field to bind a dashboard item to data:

web dashboard - Add a data item

To rename the data item’s caption, go to the data item’s Options section:

web dashboard - Rename a data item


For information on how to bind a specific dashboard item to data, see the corresponding Providing Data help topic: dashboard items.

Modify Binding

You can use drag-and-drop to change the data binding order:

web dashboard - Replace a data item

Clear Binding

To remove the data item, select it and click the Remove (WDD-icon-delete-data-source) button next to this data item.

web dashboard - Delete a data item in a Grid

Specify a Data Source

A dashboard can have several data sources. To change the default data source (or a query / data member ), go to the dashboard item’s Binding menu and click the Data Source button.

web dashboard - Data filtering section

In the invoked section, change the data source (query / data member) and click OK.

When you change the dashboard item’s data source, data items try to display data from the same column of the new data source. If such a column does not exist, you get the red color indication for this data item. Select a new data source field for this data item.

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