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Labels in the Pie Item for Web

The Pie dashboard item displays a series of pies. Each pie can display data labels that contain descriptions for pie segments, and provide tooltips with additional information.


To manage label settings for the Pie dashboard item, open the Pie’s Options menu and go to the Labels section.

The following options are available:

Data Labels
Specifies which values are displayed within data labels.
Specifies which values are displayed within tooltips.
Data Labels Position
Specifies whether to display data labels inside or outside pie segments.

How to Change the Percentage Precision

Pie Items do not allow you to specify the format of percent values. However, you can use the Percent of Total calculation to change the percentage format. Follow the steps below to round percentage to a whole number (without decimals):

  • Change the Pie’s Data Labels option to Argument and Value.
  • Select a measure in the Values section of the dashboard item’s Binding menu. Open the data item’s Calculation menu, select the Percent of Total calculation, and click it again to open its settings. Select Arguments as the window definition.
  • In the Format section of the data item menu, select the Percent format and set the Precision to 0.