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CrosshairIndicatorLegendElement Properties

Represents the indicator-related crosshair elements (e.g., crosshair lines, crosshair axis labels) that can be used to custom draw a crosshair cursor.
Name Description
AxisLabelElement Returns the Crosshair Cursor's axis label element to change its settings when using the ChartControl.CustomDrawCrosshair event to modify the Crosshair's appearance. Inherited from CrosshairLegendElementBase.
EnableAntialiasing Gets or sets the value indicating whether the anti-aliasing should be enabled for a crosshair label element. Inherited from BaseCrosshairLabelElement.
Font Gets or sets the font used to display the crosshair label's content. Inherited from BaseCrosshairLabelElement.
IndicatorPoint Returns the indicator point that the Crosshair Cursor highlights.
LineElement Returns the crosshair line element settings. Inherited from CrosshairLegendElementBase.
Series Returns the series which the Crosshair Cursor highlights. Inherited from CrosshairLegendElementBase.
Text Gets or sets the crosshair label's text. Inherited from BaseCrosshairLabelElement.
TextColor Gets or sets the crosshair label's text color. Inherited from BaseCrosshairLabelElement.
Visible Specifies whether the crosshair label element is visible when custom drawing a crosshair cursor. Inherited from BaseCrosshairLabelElement.
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