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DevExpress.Xpo.DB Namespace

Contains classes that handle operations on a data store.

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v18.2.dll


Name Description
BaseStatement Serves as the base class for the classes that represent statements.
ConnectionProviderSql Implements the base functionality for SQL-based data store adapters, including the MSSqlConnectionProvider and other adapters listed in the Database Systems Supported by XPO topic.
DataCacheNode The Node element that is used to connect to a cached data store's Root or Node element.
DataCacheNodeLocal The Node element that is used to connect to a cached data store's Root or Node element located on the local host.
DataCacheRoot The Root element that is used to connect Node elements to a cached data store.
DataStoreBase The base class for data store providers (the objects providing access to specific data stores).
DataStoreLogger Enables operations performed by a specific IDataStore object to be logged.
DBColumn The schema of a column in a DBTable.
DBForeignKey The foreign key of a table.
DBIndex For internal use. An index of a table.
DBNameTypePair Stores a pair of values, specifying a DBColumnType along with its corresponding name.
DBPrimaryKey The primary key of a table.
DBStoredProcedure A stored procedure.
DBStoredProcedureArgument Provides information about a stored procedure's parameter.
DBStoredProcedureResultSet A result set of a stored procedure.
DBTable A table that stores a persistent object's data.
DBTableMultiColumnGadget An abstract base class for DBPrimaryKey, DBForeignKey and DBIndex.
DeleteStatement Represents the delete statement.
InsertStatement Represents the insert statement.
JoinNode Serves as a base for the BaseStatement class.
JoinNodeCollection Represents a collection of JoinNode objects.
ModificationResult Represents the result of an update operation on a data store.
ModificationStatement Serves as the base class for classes that represent modification statements.
ParameterValue This class supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
QueryOperand Represents a query operand.
QueryOperandCollection Represents a collection of QueryOperand objects.
QueryParameterCollection Represents a collection of OperandValue objects.
QuerySortingCollection Represents a collection of SortingColumn objects.
SelectedData Represents the result of batch select queries made to a data store.
SelectStatement Represents the select statement.
SelectStatementResult Represents the result of a single select query to a data store.
SortingColumn Represents a sorting column in a query.
UpdateStatement Represents the update statement.


Name Description
ICachedDataStore The interface for objects that need to interact with a cached data store.
ICacheToCacheCommunicationCore Provides methods for transferring data between cached data store elements.
IDataStore The interface for objects that need to interact with a data store.
ISqlDataStore Represents the interface for objects that need to interact with SQL Server databases,


Name Description
AutoCreateOption Lists the values that specify the action which is performed when a session is connected to a data store.
DBColumnType Lists the supported database column types.
DBStoredProcedureArgumentDirection Lists the directions available for a stored procedure's parameter.
JoinType Lists the values that specify the join type.
SortingDirection Lists the values that specify the sort order.
UpdateSchemaResult Lists the values that specify the result of the data store schema update operation.