Specify a Default Filter for the Jump to Symbol Window

You can add a default filter that the Jump to Symbol window is used to filter search results.

  • Use the CodeRush | Shortcuts... menu item to access the shortcuts configuration options page.


  • Create a new shortcut with the JumpToSymbol command or find Ctrl + Shift + Q.


  • Specify the initial filter in "Parameters".

    The JumpToSymbol command accepts four parameters:

    • TypeFilter

      Possible values: Classes, Interfaces, Structs, Enums, Delegates, and AllTypes. Accepts values separated by and.

    • MemberFilter

      Possible values: Methods, Properties, Events, Fields, LocalsAndParams, and AllMembers. Accepts values separated by and.

    • AccessFilter

      Possible values: Private, Protected, Internal, ProtectedInternal, Public, and AllVisibilities. Accepts values separated by and.

    • LocationFilter

      Possible values: Solution, Project, Namespace, and File. Accepts a single value.


    Use the parameters order listed above.

    The screenshot below shows the Ctrl + Shift + Q shortcut with the Classes,Methods and Properties,Public,Project filter.


  • Click OK to save changes and close the Shortcuts window.

  • Open the Jump to Symbol window with this filter.


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