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Feature Advisor

Feature Advisor tracks your code and suggests CodeRush features when you create or modify code in the editor. This helps you increase your code productivity and improve code quality.

If CodeRush has a suggestion that helps you improve changed code, it shows the red and white counter in the bottom right corner of Visual Studio.

Feature Advisor Counter

Click the counter or Suggestions link in the tooltip to open the Feature Advisor window.

Feature Advisor Icon

In the invoked window, click a notification item to see the feature suggestion for your code.

Feature Advisor Preview

For example, to apply the Code Cleanup suggestion, click the Code Cleanup link in the notification item or the Cleanup button in the notification item preview.

Feature Advisor Preview

You can customize the list of CodeRush features supported by Feature Advisor on the Editor | All Languages | Feature Advisor options page.

Feature Advisor Options

Click the Options button in the Feature Advisor window to open this page.

Feature Advisor Button