Migrating from CodeRush Classic

  • 2 minutes to read

If you were using the CodeRush Classic extension before, you might get used to your customized shortcuts, templates, and settings. CodeRush enables you to apply your CodeRush Classic settings to the new CodeRush extension. To start the migration process, use the CodeRush | Support | Import and Export Settings… menu item.


Choose the “Import ‘CodeRush Classic’ settings“ option and click Next.


Specify a path to your Settings.xml folder created by CodeRush Classic. By default, the field contains paths to the most recent CodeRush Classic settings. Choose the settings scheme you want to import and click Next to proceed.


By default, the wizard backs up the current settings. The backup allows you to get back to your current CodeRush settings in case you need to. The same Import and Export Settings… wizard is used for that. In this step, you can also specify the target path or disable the backup (not recommended).


In the next step, you can select what settings you wish to import. Uncheck the features for which you do not want to import settings and click Next to start the import.


The successfully imported settings are marked with a green tick. You can close the wizard and check your new settings after the import is complete. A Visual Studio restart is not required.