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PivotGridExtension.BindToOLAP(String) Method

Binds the PivotGrid to an OLAP cube.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v22.1.dll


public PivotGridExtension BindToOLAP(
    string connectionString


Name Type Description
connectionString String

A String that specifies the connection string to an OLAP cube.


Type Description

A PivotGridExtension object representing the PivotGrid.


A sample OLAP connection string is shown below:

Provider=msolap;Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW;Cube Name=Adventure Works;Query Timeout=100;

This connection string provides the following parameters:

  • Provider - Identifies a data provider to be used. The “msolap” string identifies the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS);
  • Data Source - Specifies the name of a server that runs an instance of SSAS;
  • Initial Catalog - Specifies a data catalog that contains cubes;
  • Cube Name - Specifies the name of a cube that provides OLAP data;
  • Query Timeout (optional) - the number of seconds to wait until a query to SSAS is completed. If this parameter is set to 0, each query can last for an indefinite time.
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