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Methods to Update the VerticalGrid State in Actions

When you handle specific data operations (paging, sorting or filtering), you need to update the VerticalGrid state with the state of the currently processed operation in the corresponding Actions. You can do this with ease by using specific operation-related methods exposed by the VerticalGridModel object. Each method accepts parameters, which are automatically passed to a handling Action. These parameters represent the currently processed data operation’s state.



Call with the Accepted Parameter(s) (Passed to Action)

Paging (VerticalGridOperationType.Paging)


ApplyPagingState(VerticalGridPagerState pagerState)

Sorting (VerticalGridOperationType.Sorting)


ApplySortingState(VerticalGridRowState rowState)

ApplySortingState(VerticalGridRowState rowState, bool reset)

Filtering (VerticalGridOperationType.Filtering)


ApplyFilteringState(VerticalGridFilteringState filteringState)

Refer to the Action Types and Passed Parameters topic to learn more about operation-specific parameters passed to handling Actions automatically.

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