Built-in Export

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The information in this topic applies to DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Card View version 17.2 and later.

The ASP.NET MVC CardView extension allows exporting its data to a file or stream in CSV, DOCX, PDF, RTF, XLS, and XLSX format.

MVCxCardView data exporting can be implemented using standard toolbar commands and the server and client API.


Follow the instructions below to ensure the exporting functionality works correctly:

  • Exporting using the built-in toolbar commands and client-side API is disabled by default due to possible security issues. To enable this functionality, set the MVCxGridExportSettings.EnableClientSideExportAPI property to true.
  • The CardView extension should be inside the <form> form.

Refer to the KA18639 knowledge base article to get more information on exporting GridView rows while retaining end-user modifications (such as sorting, grouping, filtering, selection).

Online Demos

Refer to the following online demos to see the data export in action:

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