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Panel Header

A dock panel’s header is displayed at the top of the panel and can consist of the header image, header text and close button. A panel’s header can be used to drag the panel within the page (if the DockPanelSettings.AllowDragging property is set to true).


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality:

Characteristics Members
Visibility PopupControlSettingsBase.ShowHeader (via DockPanelSettings.ShowHeader)
Appearance PopupControlStyles.Header (via DockPanelSettings.Styles.Header)
Text Content PopupControlSettingsBase.HeaderText (via DockPanelSettings.HeaderText)
Image PopupControlImages.Header (via DockPanelSettings.Images.Header)
Navigation Location PopupControlSettingsBase.HeaderNavigateUrl (via DockPanelSettings.HeaderNavigateUrl)
Template PopupControlSettingsBase.SetHeaderTemplateContent (via DockPanelSettings.SetHeaderTemplateContent)