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RangeSelectorBuilder.ID(JS) Method

Specifies the id attribute for the control’s HTML element (used for nested controls within templates).

Namespace: DevExtreme.AspNet.Mvc.Builders

Assembly: DevExtreme.AspNet.Core.dll


public RangeSelectorBuilder ID(
    JS expr


Name Type Description
expr JS

A JavaScript expression that specifies the id attribute value.


Type Description

A reference to this instance after the method is called.


Use this method when you nest the RangeSelector control within a template. The method allows you to specify the id attribute for the control’s HTML element. To do this, use the new JS() expression. Refer to ID Option: Nested Controls in Templates for more information.

@using(Html.DevExtreme().NamedTemplate("myTemplate")) {
        .ID(new JS("'rangeSelector_' + ID"))

After you specify the id attribute, you can use it to access the control’s JavaScript API at runtime (for example, to call methods).

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