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ASPxClientTreeList.BatchEditTemplateCellFocused Event

Enables you to provide navigation for editors contained in a templated cell in Batch Edit mode.


BatchEditTemplateCellFocused: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditTemplateCellFocusedEventHandler<ASPxClientTreeList>>

Event Data

The BatchEditTemplateCellFocused event's data class is ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditTemplateCellFocusedEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
column Gets the currently processed column.
handled Gets or sets a value specifying whether the event was handled.


By default, ASPxTreeList allows end-users to navigate through tree list cell editors in Batch Edit mode using the TAB (for moving focus forward) and SHIFT + TAB (for moving focus backward) keys. However, when you create a cell template, the tree list can incorrectly focus editors in the template. Use the BatchEditTemplateCellFocused event to provide proper navigation within a templated cell.

If you handle the BatchEditTemplateCellFocused event, set the ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditTemplateCellFocusedEventArgs.handled event argument property to true to indicate that default processing is not required. The ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditTemplateCellFocusedEventArgs.column property allows you to identify the column currently being processed.

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