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Content Element Filtering

The ASPxHtmlEditor allows you to automatically filter content elements with the following properties:

You can specify filter rules for the following elements: tags, attributes, and style attributes.

For different element types, ASPxHtmlEditor has a property that lists filtered elements and a property that specifies the filter mode:

Filtered elements Filter mode
HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.Tags HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.TagFilterMode
HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.Attributes HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.AttributeFilterMode
HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.StyleAttributes HtmlEditorContentElementFiltering.StyleAttributeFilterMode

Set the filter mode properties to one of the following values:

  • WhiteList - Allow and maintain specified elements; other elements are removed.
  • BlackList - Prohibit and remove specified elements; other elements are maintained.


This code sample demonstrates how to specify the following settings for content element filter:

  • All cellspacing and cellpadding attributes should be removed from the editor’s content.
  • All tags except a, p, span, img, ul, li, table, tr, and td should be removed from the editor content.
<dx:ASPxHtmlEditor ID="HtmlEditor" runat="server">
          <ContentElementFiltering AttributeFilterMode="BlackList" Attributes="cellspacing, cellpadding" TagFilterMode="WhiteList" Tags="a, p, span, img, ul, li, table, tr, td" />

Online Demo

Content Element Filtering