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Menu Toolbar

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Menu toolbars are displayed in the ASPxHtmlEditor when the ASPxHtmlEditor.ToolbarMode property is set to Menu.


The ASPxHtmlEditor.Toolbars property allows you to access a toolbar collection of the HtmlEditorToolbarCollection class. To access or add/delete an individual toolbar, you can use its index or name.

An individual menu toolbar object is a descendant of the HtmlEditorToolbar class. Use the HtmlEditorToolbar.Visible and HtmlEditorToolbar.VisibleIndex properties to customize the toolbar’s visibility and visible order relative to the other toolbars. To define a toolbar’s unique identifier name, which can be used to obtain the toolbar at runtime, use the HtmlEditorToolbar.Name property.

Each menu toolbar implements the HtmlEditorToolbar.Items collection that can contain a set of toolbar items (default or custom).

At design time, you can use the ASPxHtmlEditor Designer to modify toolbar and item collections.

Default Toolbars

ASPxHtmlEditor supports the following default toolbars that contain predefined sets of default toolbar items grouped by functionality:

Custom toolbars

The ASPxHtmlEditor allows you to create custom toolbars, which can contain custom or default toolbar items. As HtmlEditorToolbar class instances, custom toolbars can implement the default toolbar functionality.