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How to: Customize the Appointment Dialog using View Model API (simple customization)

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The information in this topic applies to DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler version 17.2 and later.

The View Model API enables you to customize dialog element characteristics (values, availability, and layout) as needed, without needing to override the ASPxScheduler‘s commands and copying the dialog form templates (UserControls) to your project.

This topic covers several common scenarios on how to customize the Appointment Dialog’s content and layout using the View Model API. In most cases, the ViewModel.PrepareControlFor and ViewModel.PrepareControl methods are used to access the Appointment Dialog editors.

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The following code snippets illustrate how to customize editors on the form:

  • Replacing all Toggle editors with Check Boxes

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControl((ASPxCheckBox cb) => {
        cb.ToggleSwitchDisplayMode = ToggleSwitchDisplayMode.Never;
  • Changing the “Start” and “End” editors’ DateTime format

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControlFor(m => m.StartTime, (ASPxDateEdit de) => {
        de.EditFormat = EditFormat.Custom;
        de.EditFormatString = "dd - MM - yyyy";
    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControlFor(m => m.EndTime, (ASPxDateEdit de) => {
        de.EditFormat = EditFormat.Custom;
        de.EditFormatString = "dd - MM - yyyy";
  • Changing the “Resource” editor caption

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControlFor(m => m.ResourceIds, (ASPxEdit de) => {
        de.Caption = "Employee";
  • Changing the “Subject” editor caption’s forecolor and font settings

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControlFor(m => m.Subject, (ASPxTextBox de) => {
        de.CaptionStyle.ForeColor = Color.Red;
        de.CaptionStyle.Font.Bold = true;
  • Changing the “Description” editor’s forecolor and font settings.

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.PrepareControlFor(m => m.Description, (ASPxMemo me) => {
        me.ForeColor = Color.Blue;
        me.Font.Bold = true;
        me.Font.Italic = true;
  • Hiding the “Location” and “All-Day” editors

    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.SetItemVisibilityCondition("Location", false);
    ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.DialogLayoutSettings.AppointmentDialog.ViewModel.SetItemVisibilityCondition(vm => vm.IsAllDay, false);
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