Where To Locate a Hint

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The ASPxHint allows you to specify where hints are displayed on a web page in two ways:

Setting a Target Element

The target element is a DOM-element that invokes a hint window pointing to this element in response to user interaction (hovering the mouse pointer over it, clicking it, etc.) if the callout (ASPxHint.ShowCallout) is enabled.

To specify a target element for a hint, use one of the following ways:

  • ASPxHint.TargetSelector property

    This property specifies for which UI elements a hint is displayed.

    <dx:ASPxHint ID="ASPxHint1" runat="server" TargetSelector=".hintArea"></dx:ASPxHint>
  • ASPxClientHint.Show method

    Use the ASPxClientHint.Show method to invoke a hint. The method's first argument is a target element CSS selector or an HTML DOM node that is the target element itself.

    ASPxClientHint.Show('.hintArea', {
        title: 'My Title',
        content: 'My Content'
  • ASPxClientHint.Register method

    Use the client Register() method to register a hint's functionality with the specified settings (target element, trigger action, content, etc.). The method's first argument is a target element CSS selector that specifies for which UI elements on a web page a hint displays.

    ASPxClientHint.Register('.hintArea', {
            title: 'My Title',
            content: 'My Content'

    Note that a call to the Register() method does not immediately invoke a hint window. This method just registers a hint within a web page and allows end-users to invoke the hint (using the specified trigger action over the selected target element). To display a hint immediately, use the Show() method.

Setting X/Y Coordinates

To display a hint at precise X/Y coordinates without targeting a UI element, use one of the following ways:

  • Use the ASPxHint.X and the ASPxHint.Y properties.

    <dx:ASPxHint ID="ASPxHint1" TargetSelector=".hintArea" Content="Hint Content" X="240" Y="45" runat="server"></dx:ASPxHint>
  • Use the client ASPxClientHint.Show (ASPxClientHintOptions options) method to show a hint at the specified position.

    ASPxClientHint.Show('.hintArea', {
        title: 'My Title',
        content: 'My Content',
        x: 240,
        y: 45
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