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Conditional Formatting

ASPxVerticalGrid supports conditional formatting, i.e., automatically applies cell formatting based on specified rules. This feature helps end-users to quickly spot critical information, identify trends and exceptions, and compare data.


Formatting rules can be created at design time or at runtime. To learn how to create rules, see the Creating Conditional Formatting Rules topic.

The rules are contained in the ASPxVerticalGrid.FormatConditions collection, and can be represented by the following types.

  • Color scale format condition
  • Highlight format condition
  • Icon set format condition
  • Top/bottom format condition

To learn more about format condition types, see the Format Condition Types topic.

Export Capabilities

The style settings applied to grid cells can be exported together with data to various formats using our data aware export engine. Moreover, when data is exported to Excel formats (XLS and XLSX), the format conditions are transformed to corresponding Excel conditional formatting rules. Therefore, you can manage the rules in Excel after export.

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Conditional Formatting