.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
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ASPxTreeListEditor Properties

Represents an ASP.NET Web List Editor that displays data in the form of a tree-like structure.
Name Description
Adapter Provides access to the tree node adapter used by the ASPxTreeListEditor.
AllowEdit Indicates whether the data bound to the current List Editor can be edited via the List Editor's control. Inherited from ListEditor.
CanSelectRows Indicates whether the ComplexWebListEditor's rows can be selected in a UI. Inherited from ComplexWebListEditor.
ClientId Gets the ASPxTreeListEditor control's identifier generated by ASP.NET.
Columns Provides access to a collection of objects representing the ASPxTreeListEditor's columns.
ContextMenuTemplate Provides access to the ASPxTreeListEditor's Context Menu Template.
Control Provides access to the control that is used by the current List Editor to represent a List View in a UI. Inherited from ListEditor.
DataBinder Provides access to the object that binds the ASPxTreeListEditor.TreeList control to data.
DataBindingMode Specifies how the ASPxTreeListEditor.TreeList control is bound to data.
DataSource Specifies a List Editor's data source. Inherited from ListEditor.
ErrorMessages Provides access to the current ListEditor's error message collection, populated when Validation Rules are broken. Inherited from ListEditor.
FocusedColumnMemberName Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
FocusedObject Gets or sets the focused object in a List Editor. Inherited from ListEditor.
HoldRootValue Specifies whether the nodes whose parent node is absent in the ASPxTreeListEditor's data source should be displayed as root.
IsDisposed Indicates whether a List Editor has been disposed of. Inherited from ListEditor.
IsFooterVisible Specifies whether the ASPxTreeListEditor's footer is visible.
Items Provides access to the ComplexWebListEditor's Property Editors. Inherited from ComplexWebListEditor.
List This property is intended for internal use. Inherited from ListEditor.
Model Provides access to the Application Model node that defines the List View represented by the current List Editors. Inherited from ListEditor.
Name Specifies a List Editor's name. Inherited from ListEditor.
PreventServerSideOperationsForNonPersistentMembers Specifies whether server-side operations are prevented for non-persistent properties in the Server, ServerView, InstantFeedback, and InstantFeedbackView data access modes, or not. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
Printable Specifies the control to be exported via the ExportController.ExportAction.
PropertyEditors For internal use. Inherited from ComplexWebListEditor.
ProtectedContentText Specifies the text that is used by a List Editor to display a property which is prohibited for viewing by the current user. Inherited from ListEditor.
RequiredProperties Returns an array of descriptors for the properties considered bindable by the ASPxTreeListEditor's Collection Source.
RootValue Specifies the root node.
SelectionType Returns the selection type supported by the ASPxTreeListEditor.
SupportedExportFormats Provides access to the list of export formats supported by the current ASPxTreeListEditor.
TestCaption For internal use only.
TestControl For internal use only.
TestControlType For internal use only.
TreeList Provides access to the ASPxTreeListEditor's control.
UseAsyncLoading Specifies whether an XPO-based WinForms application loads a List View's data asynchronously. Inherited from ListEditor.
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