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Modify an Existing Report

This topic describes how an and-user can modify an existing report layout.

Modify a Report Created at Runtime

In a WinForms application right-click a report and choose Show Report Designer.


In an ASP.NET application, select a report and click Show Report Designer.


As a result, the new report will be opened in the WinForms Reporting or ASP.NET report designer. Make required modifications and click Save to persist report layout changes to the application database.

Modify a Predefined Static Report

Predefined reports cannot be modified directly (the Show Report Designer action is inactive when the selected report is predefined). However, you can use the existing predefined report as a template for a new report. Right-click the existing predefined report and choose Copy Predefined Report (btn_Copy_Report). As a result, an editable copy will be created and you will be able to use the Show Report Designer to open the new report in the Report Designer.