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eXpressApp Framework

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eXpressApp Framework (XAF) is a versatile application framework that allows developers to build business applications that target Windows, Web, and Mobile. This section of help documentation provides comprehensive information on using XAF and contains topics that enable you to quickly begin building business applications with XAF. Conceptual topics, examples, screenshot images and source code examples will help you become proficient in XAF.


The topics in this section provide you with basic information on the eXpressApp Framework.

Getting Started

The topics in this section can help you build your first XAF application. Follow the step-by-step instructions given here, and you will learn the basic principles of working with XAF. Three tutorials are available - basic tutorial and comprehensive tutorial.


The topics in this section provide thorough knowledge on building business applications using XAF - designing a business model, generating a user interface and adding custom features. In addition, here you can find core information about how to utilize such essential application blocks as security system, localization, and others.

Extra Modules

The topics in this section provide detailed information on each XAF extra module: module components and ways to use and customize them.

Design-Time Features

The topics in this section describe the main design-time capabilities you have when building an XAF application.


The topics in this section describe several approaches to deploying XAF applications. The step-by-step lessons of the Deployment Tutorial explain how to deploy and update an XAF application in a real production environment. A list of common deployment problems and ways of resolving them is provided in the Deployment Troubleshooting Guide.

Task-Based Help

The topics in this section contain a number of examples that can help implement similar tasks when using and extending XAF.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of topics answering the most frequently asked questions about XAF.