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String Properties in Entity Framework

The example below illustrates how to implement String Properties in an Entity Framework Code-First class.

// By default, the string property size is 100.
public string DefaultSizeStringProperty { get; set; }
// The string property size is limited to 15.
string ShortSizeStringProperty { get; set; }
// The string property size is unlimited. It is displayed via a memo editor.
// By default, this property is not displayed in List View. You can make its column visible via the VisibleInListView attribute.
[FieldSize(FieldSizeAttribute.Unlimited), VisibleInListView(true)]
public string UnlimitedSizeStringProperty { get; set; }
// The property has a list of predefined values.
    "Predefined Value 1;Predefined Value 2;Predefined Value 3;Predefined Value 4;Predefined Value 5")]
public string StringWithPredefinedValuesProperty { get; set; }
// This property is displayed in the Rich Text Editor.
public string RichTextProperty { get; set; }