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Localization Tool

The Localization Tool is intended to simplify localizing XAF applications. While you can perform localization directly in the Model Editor, in most cases, the Localization Tool is more convenient. Within this tool, you can:

  • manually translate all the localizable values;
  • export the localizable properties’ values to a CSV file and pass it to a professional translator. This file can be viewed and edited in any spreadsheet or plaintext editor;
  • import the CSV file with the translations;
  • reuse the CSV, file with common localizable values, in other XAF applications;
  • perform an automatic translation using the Microsoft Translator service;
  • apply sorting and filters. There are several predefined filters, and you can specify a custom one.

As the Localization Tool is not just available at design-time, general information on it is provided in the Localization section’s Localization Tool topic. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the How to: Localize an XAF Application topic.