.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET 5.0+

Display Multiple Views Side-by-Side (Dashboard View)

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This topic explains how to display multiple Views side-by-side on a single screen within a Dashboard View. The Dashboard View can show any number of unrelated Views in a single Frame.

XAF Dashboard View

Create a Dashboard View

Add a Dashboard View

Open the Model Editor for the MySolution.Module project (or for a platform-specific module). Right-click the Views node and add a Dashboard View.

XAF add Dashboard View

Set the View’s Id property to MyDashboardView.

XAF add Dashboard View

Specify the Views to Be Displayed on the Dashboard View

The Dashboard View displays inner Views within the Dashboard View Items.

Right-click the Items node and add a Dashboard View Item.

XAF add Dashboard View Item

Use the View property to select a View displayed within the newly created Dashboard View Item. Specify the Dashboard View Item’s Id.

XAF add Dashboard View Item

Repeat the steps above to add another Dashboard View Item.

Configure the Dashboard View Layout

Configure the Dashboard View layout as you like. For a thorough explanation of how to customize a View layout, refer to the following topic: View Items Layout Customization.

XAF Dashboard View Change Layout

Create a Navigation Item

Create a Navigation Item to allow users to invoke the Dashboard View. In the Model Editor, right-click the NavigationItems | Items node and add a Navigation Item.

XAF Dashboard View Navigation Item

Set the Id and View properties to MyDashboardView.

XAF Dashboard View Navigation Item

Run the application, and open the “MyDashboardView” item to see the newly created Dashboard View in action.

XAF dashboard view blazor

Available Dashboard View Items

The Dashboard View supports the following View Item types:

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