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This article provides general information about Actions:

Action Definition

Actions are abstract UI elements that allow end-users to interact with XAF applications.

In the UI, XAF can display Actions as the following controls:

Control Name Control Appearance
A toolbar button toolbarbutton
A context menu item contextmenuitem
An editor search
A simple button simpleaction
Other controls -

You can access and modify the control associated with an Action in the ActionBase.CustomizeControl event handler.

Action Types

XAF Actions can be of different types:

You can also create custom Action types and custom controls.

Actions are located in Action Containers. To access all Actions in an Action Container, use the container's IActionContainer.Actions property.

Actions belong to Controllers. Use the Controller.Actions property to access a Controller's Action collection.

Action Locations

XAF places Actions in the locations listed below.

Action Implementation and Customization

You can customize Actions in your application in two ways:

You can also create custom Action types and custom controls.