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ActionId Variable

Lists values that identify the Report Designer’s toolbar and menu commands.


export const ActionId: {
    NewReport: string;
    NewReportViaWizard: string;
    OpenReport: string;
    ReportWizard: string;
    ReportWizardFullScreen: string;
    Preview: string;
    Scripts: string;
    AddDataSource: string;
    AddSqlDataSource: string;
    AddMultiQuerySqlDataSource: string;
    ValidateBindings: string;
    Save: string;
    SaveAs: string;
    Exit: string;
    FullScreen: string;
    Localization: string;


Name Type Description
AddDataSource string

The drop-down list with available data sources in the Field List.

AddMultiQuerySqlDataSource string

The Add SQL Data Source menu command that runs the Data Source Wizard multi-query version.

AddSqlDataSource string

The Add SQL Data Source menu command that runs the Data Source Wizard single-query version.

Exit string

The Exit menu command.

FullScreen string

The Full Screen toolbar command.

Localization string
NewReport string

The New menu command.

NewReportViaWizard string

The New via Wizard menu command.

OpenReport string

The Open menu command.

Preview string

The Preview toolbar button.

ReportWizard string

The Design in Report Wizard menu command.

ReportWizardFullScreen string

The New via Wizard menu command that runs the Report Wizard fullscreen version.

Save string

The Save menu command.

SaveAs string

The Save As menu command.

Scripts string

The Scripts toolbar button.

ValidateBindings string

The Validate Bindings toolbar button.