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WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder Class

Enables you to specify handlers for the Web Document Viewer's client-side events.

Namespace: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting.WebDocumentViewer

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting.v19.1.dll


public class WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder
Public Class WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder


The WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder class exposes methods whose names resemble client-side events of the Web Document Viewer. You can pass handlers for the events via the methods' parameter. To access a WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder object, use the ClientSideEvents(Action<WebDocumentViewerClientSideEventsBuilder>) method of the WebDocumentViewerBuilder object.

The code below demonstrates how to handle the Web Document Viewer's CustomizeMenuActions client-side event.

    var documentViewer = Html.DevExpress().WebDocumentViewer("webDocumentViewer1")
        .ClientSideEvents(configure => { configure.CustomizeMenuActions("customizeMenuActions"); });;


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