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Use Report Controls

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Report controls are basic elements that you can drop onto the report’s bands, bind to data, arrange, and customize to construct a report layout.

Display Text


The XRLabel control displays plain text (static or retrieved from a data source) in a report.

Run Demo: Label Report

Rich Text

The XRRichText control displays formatted text in a report.

Run Demo: Rich Text and Mail Merge

Run Demo: PDF Visual Signature

Refer to the Create a Letter tutorial for information on how to use the XRRichText control to create a letter.

Character Comb

Use the XRCharacterComb control to display each character in an individual cell.

Run Demo: Interactive E-Form

The Create an Interactive E-Form tutorial describes how to use the XRCharacterComb control to create an interactive e-form.


You can use the XRBarcode control to display barcodes in a report.

Run Demo: Barcode Report

Refer to the Use Bar Codes article for information on different types of barcodes. See the Create a Swiss QR Bill tutorial for instructions on how to use the QR Code barcode to create a QR Bill.

Display Checkbox

Use the XRCheckBox control to display a checkbox in a report.

Run Demo: Employee Performance Review

Refer to the Create an Interactive Polling tutorial for instructions on how to use the XRCheckBox control to create an interactive polling.

Display Image

The XRPictureBox control embeds pictures into reports.

Run Demo: Shrink and Grow

Display Table

Use the XRTable control to display information in a tabular format.

Run Demo: Table Report

Refer to the Use Tables article for details on how to use tables in reports. See the Create a Table Report tutorial for instructions on how to use the XRTable control to create a report with a product list.

Visualize Data

Cross Tab

Use the XRCrossTab control to display multi-dimensional data in reports.

Run Demo: Balance Sheet

Run Demo: Sales Summary

The following tutorials contain instructions on how to create cross-tab reports:


The XRChart control shows the report’s data as a chart.

Run Demo: Chart Report

The Use Charts article explains how to use charts in reports.


You can use the XRGauge control to embed gauges into a report.


Use the XRSparkline control to display the report’s data in a compact chart.

Run Demo: Sparkline Report

Draw Lines and Shapes


Use the XRLine control to separate report sections.

Cross-Band Line and Box

The XRCrossBandLine and XRCrossBandBox controls separate data within multiple bands.

Run Demo: Cross-Band Controls


You can use the XRShape control to embed simple graphic elements into a report.

Run Demo: Shapes

Display Extra Info

Table of Contents

Use the XRTableOfContents control to display a table of contents in a report.

Run Demo: Fall Catalog

Page Info

The XRPageInfo control displays auxiliary information on the report’s pages.


Use the XRSubreport control to include the report’s content into another report.

Run Demo: Subreport

Refer to the following tutorials for instructions on how to create reports with subreports:

Add Layout Elements


Use the XRPanel control to create a container for other report controls.

Page Break

The XRPageBreak control inserts a page break in a report document.