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Count the Number of Records in a Report or Group

This document describes how to display the number or records in a report or group.

  • Right-click the report’s design surface and add a report header or footer to display the record count for the entire report.



    Use a group header/footer for displaying record counts for groups, and a page header/footer for displaying record counts for pages.

  • Switch to the Field List and drop the corresponding data table field onto the created band to create a data-bound label:


  • Click the label’s smart tag. In the invoked Label Tasks window, click the Summary field’s ellipsis button.


  • In the Summary Editor window:

    • Set the Summary property. Select Report to count the records throughout the entire report, or select Group or Page to reset the record count for every group or page.
    • Set the Summary function property to DCount.
    • Set the Argument Expression property to [ProductName].


  • Back in the Label Tasks window, you can use the FormatString property to format the resulting value:


You can switch to Print Preview to see the resulting report: