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Properties Panel

The Properties panel allows you to access and customize report and report elements' settings.


This document describes how to use it.

Selecting a Report Element

Do one of the following to select an element and show its properties in the Properties panel:

  • Select a required element in the drop-down list at the top of the Properties panel.


  • Click a required element in the Report Designer Surface.
  • Select a required element in the Report Explorer.

Display Modes

The Properties panel can display element properties in the alphabetical flat order or combine them into categories depending on their purposes. Use the dedicated buttons to switch between these display modes.


Changing Property Values

To set a property value, locate this property and specify its value using the corresponding editor.


Specific properties contain nested properties, which you can access by clicking the property caption's expand button.

Displaying Favorite Properties

The Properties panel provides the Favorite view that allows you to display favorite or most frequently used properties.

Selecting the Show Favorite Properties menu item displays the favorite list and adds a star to the Properties button's icon.

See Use Favorite Properties in the Report Designer for more information about using and customizing favorite properties.

Specifying Expressions

When expression bindings are enabled, the Properties panel contains the Expressions tab allowing you to assign values to various element properties. Clicking any property's ellipsis button invokes the Expression Editor, in which you can specify custom expressions with available data fields.

Searching for Properties

The Properties panel includes the search box that allows you to search for a required property. When you type within the search box, the Properties panel automatically creates a search criteria based on the entered text and filters the list of available properties.


If you type two substrings separated by a space character, these substrings are considered as individual conditions combined by the OR logical operator. To find properties that contain both substrings (i.e., to use the AND logical operator), type "+" before the second substring. Similarly, type "-" to exclude properties that contain a specific substring. To search for a property that contains a space character, enclose the entered string in quotation marks. You can also combine several logical operators and quotation marks.

Switching to the Previous Version

If required, you can switch back to the older Properties panel appearance as demonstrated below.

<Window Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525"
        xmlns:dxrud="" >
    <dxrud:ReportDesigner PropertyGridOptions="{dxrud:PropertyGridOptions UseOfficeInspiredPropertyGrid=False}"/>