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SvgIcon.AutoSize Property

Gets or sets whether the size of the source SVG image is automatically adjusted to the container dimensions. This is a dependency property.

Namespace: DevExpress.UI.Xaml

Assembly: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.v19.1.dll


public bool AutoSize { get; set; }
Public Property AutoSize As Boolean

Property Value

Type Description

true to automatically adjust the size of the image; otherwise, false. By default, true.


If the AutoSize property is set to false, the values of the Width and Height properties are used to set the size of the image. If these properties are not set, the values of the height and width properties defined in the SVG source file are used instead.


If the AutoSize property is set to false and the SvgIcon.IconStretch property is set to a value other than None, the resulting image may appear distorted (e.g., pixelated) due to improper scaling. To prevent it, specify the values of the Width and Height properties.

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