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StrokeStyle Members

Contains parameters of the style used to draw a stroke line.


Name Description

Initializes a new instance of the StrokeStyle class with default settings.


Name Description
DashArrayProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.DashArray dependency property.

DashCapProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.DashCap dependency property.

DashOffsetProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.DashOffset dependency property.

EndLineCapProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.EndLineCap dependency property.

LineJoinProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.LineJoin dependency property.

MiterLimitProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.MiterLimit dependency property.

StartLineCapProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.StartLineCap dependency property.

ThicknessProperty static

Identifies the StrokeStyle.Thickness dependency property.


Name Description

Gets or sets a list of comma or white space separated lengths and percentages that specify the lengths of alternating dashes and gaps.


Gets or sets a value that specifies how the ends of a dash are drawn.


Gets or sets the distance from the line start to the beginning of a dash pattern.


Gets or sets the type of shape that is used at the end of a stroke.


Gets or sets the join style for the ends of two consecutive lines drawn with this stroke line.


Gets or sets the limit of the ratio of the miter length to half this stroke line's thickness.


Provides access to the native stroke style.


Gets or sets the type of shape that is used at the beginning of a stroke.


Gets or sets the thickness of the stroke line that is painted on a map.


Specifies the thickness scale.


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Name Description

Occurs every time any of the StrokeStyle class properties has changed its value.

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