RibbonControlBase.ContextualHeaderItemTemplate Property

Gets or sets a template that specifies the appearance of contextual tab item headers. This is a dependency property.

Namespace: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Ribbon

Assembly: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Ribbon.v19.2.dll


public DataTemplate ContextualHeaderItemTemplate { get; set; }
Public Property ContextualHeaderItemTemplate As DataTemplate

Property Value

Type Description

A DataTemplate object that represents the header template of contextual ribbon tabs.


Use the ContextualHeaderItemTemplate property to specify the appearance of contextual tab item headers.

The binding source for the ContextualHeaderItemTemplate template is represented by the HeaderContainerViewModel object.

The following example demonstrates a tab header that contains a white border.

        <Border BorderBrush="White" BorderThickness="3">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Container.Caption}" Margin="5" />
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