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ChoroplethColorizer Members

Represents the Choropleth-like colorizer.


Name Description

Initializes a new instance of the ChoroplethColorizer class with default settings.


Name Description
ApproximateColorsProperty static

Identifies the ChoroplethColorizer.ApproximateColors dependency property.

ColorsProperty static

Identifies the MapColorizer.Colors dependency property.

(Inherited from MapColorizer)
LegendProperty static

Identifies the ChoroplethColorizer.Legend dependency property.

RangeDistributionProperty static

Identifies the ChoroplethColorizer.RangeDistribution dependency property.

RangeStopsProperty static

Identifies the ChoroplethColorizer.RangeStops dependency property.

ValueProviderProperty static

Identifies the ChoroplethColorizer.ValueProvider dependency property.


Name Description

Gets or sets a value specifying whether to apply an approximation algorithm to colors in a colorizer.


Provides access to the collection of colors with which to colorize map shapes.

(Inherited from MapColorizer)

Gets or sets a map legend (color list or color scale legend type).


Gets or sets the distribution type of range colors in a colorizer.


Gets range stops for the Choropleth colorizer.


Provides values from the data source (Shapefile or KML file) to color map shapes according to data.


Name Description
ColorizeElement(MapItem) Obsolete. Colorize a map element.
(Inherited from ColorizerBase<T>)
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Returns the color of the corresponding map item obtained from the Choropleth colorizer.

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