ArcScaleRangeBar Properties

An arc scale range bar.
Name Description
AnchorValue Gets or sets the value on a scale that specifies a fixed edge of the range bar.
Animation Provides access to the animation object that allows you to customize animation for the current value indicator. Inherited from ValueIndicatorBase.
Fill Defines the color to fill this object. Inherited from GaugeLayoutElement.
GaugeScale Inherited from ArcScaleIndicator.
Geometry Gets or sets the geometry used to draw the scale range bar.
IsInteractive Gets or sets a value that indicates whether interactivity is enabled for the current value indicator or not. Inherited from ValueIndicatorBase.
Options Gets or sets the options of a range bar that specify its shape and position on a Circular scale.
Value Gets or sets the value of a scale indicator. Inherited from ValueIndicatorBase.
Visible Gets or sets whether the value indicator is visible. Inherited from ValueIndicatorBase.
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