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MapPolyline Class

Contains map polyline settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Map

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Map.v21.2.dll


public class MapPolyline :

The following members accept/return MapPolyline objects:


Create a Map Polyline

The following example creates a map polyline:


        <dxm:GeoPoint>0, 0</dxm:GeoPoint>
        <dxm:GeoPoint>-20, -10</dxm:GeoPoint>
        <dxm:GeoPoint>-10, -20</dxm:GeoPoint>

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Add Polyline Caps

You can display shapes at the beginning and at the end of map polylines. Use StartLineCap and EndLineCap properties for this purpose. The following example specifies a custom end cap shape, shows the default arrow for the MapPolyline start cap, and sets their dimensions:

Map Polyline Caps

<dxm:MapPolyline Stroke="Blue">
       <dxm:StrokeStyle Thickness="2"/>
       <dxm:GeoPoint>-6, -4</dxm:GeoPoint>
       <dxm:GeoPoint>-3, -10</dxm:GeoPoint>
       <dxm:GeoPoint>-6, -20</dxm:GeoPoint>
       <dxm:MapLineCap Visible="True" Length="15" Width="8"/>
       <dxm:MapLineCap  Visible="True" Length="10" Width="5">
               <PathGeometry Figures="M 0, 0 L 0,-0.5 L 0.5,-0.5 L 0.5, 0.5 L 0,0.5 Z "/>
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