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DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.Base Namespace

Contains classes that implement the base functionality of the DXDocking for WPF suite.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v21.2.dll


Name Description
DockingLocalizer A base class that provides necessary functionality for custom localizers of the Dock Windows library.
DockItemActivatedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockItemActivated event.
DockItemCollapsedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockItemCollapsed event.
DockItemDockingEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockItemDocking event.
DockItemDraggingEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockItemDragging event.
DockItemExpandedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockItemExpanded event.
DockOperationCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockOperationCompleted event.
DockOperationStartingEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.DockOperationStarting event.
IsCustomizationChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.IsCustomizationChanged event.
ItemCancelEventArgs Provides data for the events that can be handled to prevent specific docking operations.
ItemEventArgs Provides data for the events used to process specific docking operations on items.
LayoutItemActivatedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemActivated event.
LayoutItemHiddenEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemHidden event.
LayoutItemMovedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemMoved event.
LayoutItemRestoredEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemRestored event.
LayoutItemSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSelectionChanged event.
LayoutItemSelectionChangingEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSelectionChanging event.
LayoutItemSizeChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSizeChanged event.
ShowingDockHintsEventArgs Supplies data for the ShowingDockHints event.
ShowingMenuEventArgs Provides data for the DockLayoutManager.ShowingMenu event.


Name Description
DockItemActivatedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockItemActivated event.
DockItemCollapsedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockItemCollapsed event.
DockItemDockingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockItemDocking event.
DockItemDraggingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockItemDragging event.
DockItemExpandedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockItemExpanded event.
DockOperationCompletedEventHandler The method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockOperationCompleted event.
DockOperationStartingEventHandler The method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.DockOperationStarting event.
IsCustomizationChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.IsCustomizationChanged event.
LayoutItemActivatedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemActivated event.
LayoutItemHiddenEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemHidden event.
LayoutItemMovedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemMoved event.
LayoutItemRestoredEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemRestored event.
LayoutItemSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSelectionChanged event.
LayoutItemSelectionChangingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSelectionChanging event.
LayoutItemSizeChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.LayoutItemSizeChanged event.
ShowingMenuEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the DockLayoutManager.ShowingMenu event.


Name Description
AutoHideExpandMode Contains values that specify how auto-hidden panels are expanded.
AutoHideExpandState Contains values that identify an auto-hidden state’s expand modes.
AutoHideMode Contains values that identify auto-hide modes.
ClosedPanelsBarVisibility Contains values that specify the visibility state of the Closed Panels bar, used to access closed panels.