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Gantt Control

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Learn the Basics


The DevExpress WPF Gantt Control is a TreeListControl descendant that displays a tree of tasks/subtasks and a Gantt chart area that visualize task flow and relations.

  • Getting Started

    Learn how to start using the Gantt Control.

  • Visual Elements

    This section lists visual elements available in the Gantt Control.

  • Item Types

    Describes the Gantt Control's supported task types.

Bind to Data


To display Gantt items within the Gantt Control, you first need to bind it to a data source. This section contains help articles and tutorials related to all supported data binding scenarios.

  • Bind to Data

    Describes how to bind the Gantt Control to a data source.

  • Task Dependencies

    This topic explains how to store task dependencies in your data source and to display task dependencies in the Gantt Control.

  • Mappings

    When you bind the Gantt Control to a data source, you need to map task properties to data source fields.

  • Working and Non-Working Time Ranges

    The Gantt Control allows you to define working and nonworking time ranges, and change their visibility and appearance.

  • Strip Lines

    The Gantt Control allows you to highlight individual time points or time ranges on the timeline.

  • Critical Path Support

    The GanttControl can automatically calculate and highlight critical paths in the Gantt area.