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Numbered and Bulleted Lists

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RichEditDocumentServer supports bulleted, numbered and mixed lists.

Numbered and bulleted lists are represented by specific collections of paragraphs. Each paragraph in a document may contain numbering information. Numbering information for a specific paragraph is determined by its Paragraph.ListIndex and Paragraph.ListLevel properties.

The Paragraph.ListIndex property value is the index in the document’s NumberingListCollection collection. This collection is available via theDocument.NumberingLists property.

The NumberingListCollection is composed of items with a NumberingList interface. Each item is an instance of a certain abstract numbering definition, which is represented by the AbstractNumberingList interface. A collection of abstract numbering definitions is accessible via the Document.AbstractNumberingLists property.

The Paragraph.ListLevel property of a paragraph indicates its level in the list. To specify formatting for a numbered paragraph, modify the properties of the corresponding level. Level properties are contained in an object that has the ListLevelProperties interface, accessible via the NumberingList.Levels property. This change will apply to all paragraphs with a certain level linked to this numbered list. If a property is not specified for the numbered list, the definition for the corresponding level comes from the abstract numbering definition (AbstractNumberingList) linked to this numbered list.

Bulleted lists are numbered lists with the NumberingListBase.NumberingType property set to NumberingType.Bullet and the ListLevel.BulletLevel property set to true.


To remove numbering for a particular paragraph, set its ListIndex to -1.