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How to: Change Shape's Fill and Outline Color

  • 2 minutes to read

This example describes how to change the shape’s fill and outline color.

The table below lists an API used to change the shape’s fill and outline settings.

Member Description
ShapeFormatBase.Fill Provides access to the ShapeFill object containing fill options.
ShapeFormatBase.Outline Provides access to the ShapeOutline object containing outline options.
ShapeOutline.Width Defines the outline thickness.
ShapeOutlineFill.SetSolidFill Fills a shape or its outline with a solid color.
ShapeOutlineFill.SetGradientFill Applies the gradient effect to the shape’s background or outline.
ShapeFill.SetPatternFill Fills the drawing object background or its elements with a repeated pattern.
ShapeFill.SetPictureFill Applies the picture fill to the shape’s background.
ShapeOutlineFill.SetNoFill Makes an element transparent.

The following code sample changes the shapes’ color options to look as they do on the image below.


// Apply a pattern fill to a frame.
shape.Fill.SetPatternFill(Color.DarkRed, Color.IndianRed, ShapeFillPatternType.Wave);
// Color the outline black.

// Apply a gradient fill to a pentagon.
shape2.Fill.SetGradientFill(ShapeGradientType.Shape, Color.MediumVioletRed, Color.PaleVioletRed);
// Make the outline transparent.

// Apply a solid fill to a text box.
// Change the outline width: 
shape3.Outline.Width = 3;

// Add a picture to the explosion's background. 
// Apply a gradient fill to an outline.
shape4.Outline.SetGradientFill(ShapeGradientType.Linear, Color.PeachPuff, Color.Peru);