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How to: Define a Print Area

The table below lists a Worksheet object’s methods that allow you to set or clear a print area on a worksheet. A print area designates one or more cell ranges as the only region to print. A worksheet can have multiple print areas. Each print area is printed on a separate page.

Method Description
Worksheet.SetPrintRange Defines a print area.
Worksheet.AddPrintRange Adds cells to an existing print area.
Worksheet.ClearPrintRange Clears a print area to print the entire worksheet.
// Define a print area on a worksheet.
CellRange printArea = worksheet["B1:F39"];

// Enlarge the print area by adding adjacent cells.
// An additional print area is created if you add non-adjacent cells to the print area.

// Uncomment the following line to clear the print area and print the entire worksheet.
// worksheet.ClearPrintRange();