Silent Install Mode

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This topic describes how to run the DevExpress .NET Products Installer in silent mode (as a console application).

When you pass the /Q command line switch, the installer does not display its GUI. You can use the following syntax to specify installer parameters (your DevExpress account credentials, installation path, etc.).

DevExpressNETComponents-20.2.3.exe /Q [-U] [-R] [/DEBUG] [/EMAIL] [/PASSWORD] [/INSTALLPATH] [/EULA] [p1 p2..pN]


  • Run the installer, provide the account credentials and accept the EULA:

    DevExpressNETProducts-20.2.3.exe /Q / /PASSWORD:MyPassword /EULA:accept
  • Repair the current installation:

    DevExpressNETProducts-20.2.3.exe /Q
  • Uninstall DevExpress .NET products:

    DevExpressNETProducts-20.2.3.exe /Q -U

Parameters Description




Run in the silent mode. If this is a single parameter, the installer repairs the current installation.


Indicates that you accept the End User License Agreement (required to proceed with installation).


Repair the existing installation.


Uninstall the existing installation.


Create the installation log file (setup_trace.log) in the current directory.


Specifies the email address you use to log-in to the DevExpress account.


Specifies your DevExpress account password (case sensitive).


Overrides the default installation path (C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress -20.2\Components).


Explicitly activates manual/offline registration mode.

p1 p2..pN

To install specific products, pass their names as extra parameters separated by the space symbol. For example, to install WinForms controls only, use the following command:

DevExpressNETProducts-20.2.3.exe /Q / /PASSWORD:MyPassword /EULA:accept "Windows Forms"

You can write "Windows Forms:True", "Windows Forms:Yes" or "Windows Forms:1" to install specific products; and "Windows Forms:False", "Windows Forms:No", "Windows Forms:0" to exclude products.

Below is a full list of products that you can include or exclude.

When you install multi-platform products (e.g., XtraReports), the installer automatically selects and installs the required dependencies.

Exit Codes

The installer application returns the following exit codes.

Error Code Description
0 No errors.
1 Common installation error. Check the log file located in the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress -20.2\Components, by default).
2 This code is not used.
3 No license for the selected product.
4 No access to the web service that validates the email and password. Check your internet connection or try running the installer later.
5 EULA was not accepted. Specify the /EULA:accept parameter.
6 The installation file is broken. Please download it again.
7 The current OS and .NET framework versions are not supported.
8 Invalid email or password is specified.
9 The specified account is disabled.
10 Common errors with the account.
11 All the licenses that the specified account holds have been assigned to other accounts.
12 A license has been revoked from the specified account.
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