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General Information

This section overviews the DevExpress subscription and contains information on how to use DevExpress products.

What’s Included
Lists available DevExpress subscriptions, and describes the components and product services included in each subscription.
Instructions on how to install DevExpress .NET products on your machine.
Product Versions
Describes the version model of DevExpress .NET products.
Support, Debug, and Troubleshooting
Contains topics that can help you to troubleshoot issues common to the .NET development process.
Additional Technical Resources
Primary links to information on how to use DevExpress controls.
DevExpress Code Examples
Describes how to work with DevExpress examples.
Open DevExpress Documentation from Visual Studio
Describes how to open online API documentation (property, field, etc) from the Visual Studio IDE.
Support Services
Describes how to get technical support from DevExpress.
License Agreement
Provides a link to the DevExpress End-User License Agreement (EULA) and describes its key points.
Security - What You Need to Know
Addresses a series of frequently asked security-related questions and documents the processes we have established to mitigate security-related risk.
Developer Express Inc Trademarks
Lists all DevExpress trademarks referenced in DevExpress documentation and online help files.
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