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Run the Wizard Dialog - DevExpress Unified Component Installer

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This document describes how to install DevExpress .NET Framework, .NET Core 3 and .NET 6+, ASP.NET Core and HTML/JavaScript components and libraries using a wizard.

Run the Installer (as administrator)

Run the DevExpressNETProducts-23.2.6.exe file as administrator. You can downloaded the installer from

Note that you can run the installer tool with the same switches, as described in the Silent Install Mode document. For example, you can use the /debug switch to obtain the log file of the installation process.

DevExpressNETProducts-23.2.6.exe /debug

Register Your Products

After you run the installer, it displays the welcome page that gives you the option to install the DevExpress .NET products in Trial or Registered mode. Note that you can register your products later if you choose Trial Installation.


Refer to the following help topic for information on how to convert a trial version of the DevExpress installation to a licensed version after you obtained a license: Convert a Trial Version to a Licensed Version.

We selected Registered Installation for this tutorial. Click this option to proceed to the next page.


On the next page, provide the email address and password that you used when registering on the DevExpress website. Clicking the orange arrow button at the top-left of the installer takes you back to the previous page.

Enter your credentials and click the Log In button. After your information is securely verified via the Internet, it proceeds to the next installation page.


Offline Registration

Your development machine should have an active Internet connection to verify your credentials. Otherwise, the following error message appears:


Click the Offline Registration link and follow the instructions on the next page to obtain a valid registration code, or install DevExpress .NET products in Trial mode.

DevExpress registration page


You can use the /FORCEMANUAL command-line option to explicitly activate manual/offline registration mode.

Select the Products

On the next page you can choose the products you wish to install. Click Next to proceed to the next page. Note that you can install the other products and use them in Trial mode if you do not have a license for them.


Choose the Destination Path

On this page, you can choose the path to install DevExpress .NET products. Click Accept & Install if you accept the end-user license agreement to start the installation process.


A progress bar displays during the installation to show the installation’s progress. Click the Stop button if you wish to interrupt or cancel the installation process. Otherwise, wait until the installer performs all necessary actions and notifies you that the installation process has completed.


Save the installation log and send it to our Support Team for immediate investigation if you have any issues during the installation.

You can find the installation log in the C:\Program Files\DevExpress 23.2\Components\ folder:

installation log folder

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