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DashboardDesigner.ShowSaveConfirmationDialog() Method


This method is now obsolete. Use the HandleDashboardClosing() method instead.

Invokes a save confirmation dialog.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWin

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v22.1.Win.dll


[Obsolete("This method is now obsolete. Use the HandleDashboardClosing method instead.")]
public bool ShowSaveConfirmationDialog()


Type Description

true if the DashboardDesigner can be closed; false if an end-user canceled closing the DashboardDesigner.


A save confirmation dialog asks an end-user whether changes made to the dashboard should be saved before closing.

The DashboardDesigner.ConfirmSaveOnClose property controls whether the save confirmation dialog is shown automatically when the window that contains the DashboardDesigner is closed.

Use the ShowSaveConfirmationDialog method to invoke this dialog at other times, if required.

The ShowSaveConfirmationDialog method returns true if no changes have been made (in this instance, the dialog is not invoked), the dashboard has been successfully saved or the end-user has chosen not to save changes. In this instance, you can close the DashboardDesigner.

If the end-user has canceled closing the dashboard (by pressing Cancel in the save confirmation dialog or by declining to specify a destination file name), the ShowSaveConfirmationDialog method returns false.

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