DashboardConfigurator.ConfigureDataConnection Event

Allows you to customize connection settings before the Web Dashboard connects to a data store (database, OLAP cube, etc.).

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWeb

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.2.Web.dll


public event ConfigureDataConnectionWebEventHandler ConfigureDataConnection
Public Event ConfigureDataConnection As ConfigureDataConnectionWebEventHandler

Event Data

The ConfigureDataConnection event handler receives an argument of the ConfigureDataConnectionWebEventArgs type. The following properties provide information specific to this event.

Property Description
ConnectionName Gets the name of the connection for which the event has been raised.
ConnectionParameters Gets or sets parameters used to establish a connection to data.
DashboardId Gets the identifier of the current dashboard.
DataSourceName Gets the data source name for which the event was raised.



To learn how to use the DashboardConfigurator's API, see the Server-Side API Overview topic.

The ConfigureDataConnection event is raised before the connection to a data store is established and allows you to customize connection settings.

To specify connection parameters, you have to cast an object returned by the e.ConnectionParameters property to a proper type, depending on the data source type, as the following table illustrates.

Data Source

Parameter Type

Custom Data Source

To specify a custom connection string, cast an object to the CustomStringConnectionParameters class and assign a custom connection string to the ConnectionString property.


You can use a custom connection string to get data from an xml file containing valid schema. The string looks as follows: "xpoprovider=InMemoryDataStore;data source=""your_data_file.xml"";read only=True"

SQL Data Source

The base type is the SqlServerConnectionParametersBase class which defines the basic connection parameters: DatabaseName, Password, ServerName and UserName. To specify other data provider parameters, cast an object to any of the following types:

OLAP Data Source

To specify the OLAP connection string, cast an object to the OlapConnectionParameters type and use the ConnectionString property.

Excel Data Source

To specfy a path to a Microsoft Excel workbook/CSV file, cast an object to the ExcelDataSourceConnectionParameters type and use the FileName and Password properties.

Extract Data Source

To specfy a path to a data extract file and a data driver to access the data, cast an object to the ExtractDataSourceConnectionParameters type and use the FileName and DriverName properties.

Entity Framework Data Source

Event does not occur.

Object Data Source

Event does not occur.

Handle the DataLoading event instead.

This event is raised when the dashboard is supplied with data using one of the following data source types:


If the dashboard is supplied with data using the DashboardObjectDataSource data source, the DashboardConfigurator.DataLoading event is fired instead.

The following code snippet shows how to configure data connections for SQLite, Excel, and OLAP data sources:

private void Configurator_ConfigureDataConnection(object sender, ConfigureDataConnectionWebEventArgs e) {
    if (e.ConnectionName == "sqliteConnection") {
        SQLiteConnectionParameters sqliteParams = new SQLiteConnectionParameters();
        sqliteParams.FileName = "file:Data/nwind.db";
        e.ConnectionParameters = sqliteParams;
    if (e.ConnectionName == "olapConnection") {
        OlapConnectionParameters olapParams = new OlapConnectionParameters();
        olapParams.ConnectionString = "Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=http://demos.devexpress.com/Services/OLAP/msmdpump.dll;"
            + "Initial catalog=Adventure Works DW Standard Edition;Cube name=Adventure Works;Query Timeout=100;";
        e.ConnectionParameters = olapParams;
    if (e.DataSourceName == "Excel Data Source") {
        ExcelDataSourceConnectionParameters excelParams = new ExcelDataSourceConnectionParameters(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("App_Data/Sales.xlsx"));
        e.ConnectionParameters = excelParams;
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